Top 10 Reasons to Golf in Los Cabos, Mexico

    When it comes to golf holidays in Mexico, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur is the only logical choice. Before you book your next golf vacation, take a look at the top 10 reasons why Los Cabos Mexico should be your golf destination of choice.

    1. Puerto Los Cabos While there are other places to golf in Los Cabos, this is truly one course you simply MUST play! Puerto Los Cabos is a golfer’s dream, with pristine beaches, and beautiful scenery.
    2. Excellent Climate No matter when you visit Los Cabos, you will find some region that has an ideal climate for golf. The Sea of Cortez coastal areas are temperate most of the year, and the more Pacific areas enjoy a slightly cooler spring and summer climate. Visibility is also excellent on most of Los Cabos’ courses.
    3. Culture Surrounds You While you may wish to spend your entire golf holiday on the greens, this may not be possible. By vacationing in Los Cabos, you can open yourself of the many cultural experiences of the region. Not only can you enjoy world-class golf, but you can also enjoy live performances, tour cathedrals, and explore the culture of the country while you are there.
    4. Friendly People The Mexican people are very welcoming to out-of-town guests. Whatever golf resort you choose to visit will be filled with accommodating and friendly staff. You will find a friendly face just about anywhere you go to golf in Los Cabos.
    5. Courses for All Golfers Whether you have beginning golfers in your group or are traveling with the pros, you will find a course to fit the skill level of the people with whom you are traveling. The Los Cabos region has many golf courses, so you are sure to find one to meet the ability level and tastes of everyone in your group.
    6. Excellent Accommodations No golf holiday will be enjoyed without great accommodations, and this is not hard to find in Los Cabos. You can choose to rent a villa, house, or apartment if you are enjoying a long holiday, or you can choose from one of the many highly rated hotels.
    7. Plenty of Fine Dining Options From the clubhouse restaurant at your favorite golf club to the authentic cuisine found in the cities and rural areas of Los Cabos, you will not go hungry when enjoying a Mexico golf holiday. There are always plenty of dining options in this country.
    8. Plenty of Leisure Opportunities Whether you want to unwind at your hotel’s pool, spend a night on the town clubbing, or explore a park or natural preserve, you will find plenty of non-golf leisure activities to enjoy in Los Cabos. This makes it the ideal place to travel, even if you have non-golfers in your group.
    9. Excellent Transportation You will not find it difficult to get around in Los Cabos. The major cities have public transpiration options, and hiring a shuttle or car is simple. The major airport has golf courses nearby as well.
    10. Excellent Shopping When you are done golfing, you can reward yourself by taking a shopping trip. You will find all of your favorite brands and authentic Mexican goods in the shopping areas of Los Cabos. You can head home with a suitcase full of treasures after your Los Cabos golf holiday.
    11. *Bonus* Unaffected by (a) cartel violence, and (b) H1N1 (swine) flu. Way down here on the tip of the Baja we are well separated from any violence, as well as large populations that allow a flu to pass easily. It's safe here!
    12. *Bonus* Cabo Wabo! Sammy Hagar created this bang-up tequila in 1996 while off-stage in Guadalajara, Jalisco and ultimately brought it back to serve at his nightclub, Cabo Wabo, in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. It's the genuine article, 100% weber blue agave, baked in wood-fired adobe ovens and double-pot distilled the old-fashioned way for a rich, soul-warming taste. And the club's a MUST visit !!

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